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Resources & Environment
Resources & Environment
Internship Program

Toko University has a long term relationship with several corporations such as Taipei Grand Hotel, Jen Fu Shan Prince Hotel, China Trust Hotel Groups (Tao-Yuan and Chia Yi), and China Youth Corps Activity Center to provide intern opportunities for students in the related departments. In addition, academic and industrial cooperation with Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Shian-Jei Computer, Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel, Grand Formosa Hotel, Sampo Company, Gamania Digital Entertainment Company and Sony will enhance students’ industrial experience during their study.

Recreational and Athletic Facilities

Built in Spanish style architecture, every building of Toko University is equipped with air conditioners to provide students with a comfortable study environment. Additionally, the campus includes an all-purpose recreational field, soccer fields, five basketball, five volleyball, and tennis courts, plus an aquatic facility with a 25m x 15m pool, weight room, and spa.  The school also offers table tennis, pool, and karaoke rooms, which are available to students, faculty, and staff. These facilities offer students of Toko University opportunities to develop the habit of maintaining good physical and mental health during their 4 years of study.

Other Services
  • Dining Room - The campus has a main dining room and a food court. Both offer students a healthy and comfortable dining atmosphere. Students can eat without rushing or having to leave campus to find a satisfying meal.
  • Café - In the B Building, there is a coffee shop offering a wide variety of Yiguo-Laikeshi coffees, as well as other beverages and set meals.
  • Convenience Stores - There are two Hi-Life convenience stores on campus, and a traditional style store, which are open 24 hours a day.
  • Clinic - Students can resolve any minor health problems through the school’s clinic. Serious problems can be treated at Chang-Geng Hospital (five minutes from campus).

  1. Every Friday at 12:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. there are chartered buses northbound and southbound. Also, regularly scheduled buses on Sundays depart from the Taipei and Kaohsiung train stations at 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. respectively. The buses stop at some designated exits for those students’ returning to school.
  2. Chia-Yi Bus Company and Chia-Yi County bus run everyday between campus and the Chiayi train station.
  3. The school has an agreement with Aloha Bus Company offering special rates to Toko’s students.
  4. Tonglian Bus Company conveniently located near the school provides students with transportation.
  5. Two medium-size school buses provide students rides to the Health Center and to and from other student outings or activities.

  1. Our library contains more than 150,000 books and about 350 academic periodicals, and increases the volumes in professional and general categories throughout the years.
  2. We are developing a digital library to allow our readers 24-hour access to e-books.
  3. All our procedures are computerized and readers have WLAN accesses throughout our facility.
  4. All kinds of audio and video contents can be played on our multimedia equipment.
  5. Searches are available on our internal database and on the internet.
  6. We are expanding co-operation with other libraries to share resources in order to offer a wider variety of materials to our users.

Computer Center
  1. Support and maintain an information teaching and research service infrastructure.
  2. Structuring and management of campus networks.
  3. Handling of the computerized action of university administration system.
  4. Manage campus hardware and software system.
  5. Provide technical consultation.
  6. Maintenance and guidance of information security management.
  7. Support and maintain the Information Technology service.
  8. Set up a student information service center where we provide the latest school information.
  9. The school has set up a frame network ADSL system to allow students, faculties and staff to access internet instantly.
  10. Every teacher and student is given a school email account.
  11. The computer classrooms are equipped with the latest, most advanced technology.
  12. The school administration is fully computerized for utmost efficiency in conduction of school affairs.
  13. To ensure student safety, entrance to school dorms is electronically regulated and monitored 24 hours a day.
  14. Students can browse the library collections on-line, as well as checking the status of their personal library loans.