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Glorious Achievements:

1. Xiao-jun Qiu, sophomore of the Department of Relaxation, won the gold medal at Martial Art in National Sports Act in 2004.
2. Po-qi Chen, sophomore of the Department of Public Affairs, won the second prize in “BBC Epidemic Talent Contest”
3. Mao-zhang Chen, freshman of the Department of AppliedArt, won the third prize in “Urban Marathon, Photography Contest.”
4. Nian-nong Chen and Han-yang Xu, sophomores of the Department of Travelling, won the third prize of “2004 Maxxis Cup, International Game Programming Contest”.
5. Professor Wen-yin Chen from the Department of Applied Art won the first prize of NTU Public Art.
6. Wei-quan Liu from the Department of Dining and Travelling won the Gold Jazz Mixer exclusive work.
7. Kui-hong Chen and his classmates, from the department of travelling, were nominated by the CHT Telecom Software Competition.
8. Jia-shi Wang, junior of the Department of Dining and Travelling, won the exclusive work in Nan-tou Origin of Cocktail Cup Mixer Contest.
9. Chun Hui Club was nominated as superior performance club ●Xiang-ming Huang, junior in class A of the Department ofFinancial Law succeed the Postal Recruitment Exam.
10. 14 students from the Department of Informatics, informati on management, applied language, and international business were admitted into the EE graduate school in NCCU and Special Education Qualificati on Class in NPTTC.
11. In total, 455 students passed the TQC Test in 2003.
12. We welcome you to share your achievements.