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Educational Outlook

The rapid growth of technology, the emergence of information industry, and the fast pace of globalization process have made it necessary for every nation to engage in competitive innovation. Toko University has thus set up the following four major goals as part of its mission.

To educate students with the most advanced knowledge. Our courses are designed for students to be educated with the foremost and advanced knowledge in humanities, social sciences, and engineering.
To train students with solid technical skills. Students are expected to get hands on experience through our internship programs in corporation with major leading industries in Taiwan.
To equip students with fluency in foreign languages. As Taiwan is becoming an active member of international community, it is necessary for its citizens to be capable of communication in foreign languages. Students at our University are required to take foreign language courses to develop their language skill.
To foster higher business ethics. Students at Toko University are expected to foster higher business ethic so that they may not only capable of providing expertise to their chosen profession but also serve as good citizens for the nation. Competition with intergrity is the core value of our students.