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Brief History

Toko University was founded in August 2001. It is located in Pu-tzu City of Chia- Yi County in southern Taiwan. The campus is surrounded by a group of government offices, medical facilities, and educational-cultural centers that include the office building of the Chia-Yi County Administration, the branch exhibition hall of National Palace Museum, and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The distinetive Spanish Style campus building are spread across 35 acres od lands.

There were Six departments when the University was first inaugurated in 2001.

Department of Life Applied Science
Department of Financial and Economic Law
Department of International Business Management
Department of Information Technology
Department of Applied Languages
Department of Transportation Management

The Department of Leisure and Recreation Management was added in 2002. The Department of Public Affairs and Management, the Department of Literature and Graphic Communication, the Department of Applied Gerontology, the Department of Animation Design and Game Programming, the Department of Consulting Psychology, the Department of Applied Arts and Design, and the Department of Nutrition and Health Science were added in 2003. Meanwhile, the Department of Life Applied Science was split into two departments in 2003: the Department of Early Childhood Education and the Department of Hospitality Management. The Department of Transportation Management was renamed to the Department of Transportation and Logistics in 2003. These changes reflect our main interest in meeting new challenges Taiwan faces from becoming an active member of the global village.

Toko University is an ideal place to learn new skills and to develop one’s mind. Dr. Anthony Si-An Chen and Dr. A-Tsai Chen, the two co-founders of Toko University, see the spike of rice as the symbol of education and learning at our University where students receive quality training and education in taking part of the nation’s construction and growth. “The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends,” is the metaphor of being humble and modest in learning and pursuit of excellency. The spirit of growing rice captures the spirit of Toko University.

Our faculty and staff are educators and trained professionals; they are enthusiastic about academic teaching and in offering any assistance you may need to make you feel at home while studying at Toko. Campus housing is available at the two dormitories with a variety of room types to accommodate student’s preference. Each room equipped with broad-band internet, air condition, and telephone. Recreational and sport facilities, restaurants, bookstores, and a Hi-Life convenience store are all within walking distance from the resident dormitories. An indoor swimming pool isa joint venture which s run by Toko University and the County government. All campus buildings are handicapped friendly for those who are physically challenged. The campus is also guarded 24-hour by security. Since students are recruited throughout the nation, bus services are available for students to return to Taipei City or Kaohsiung City on weekend visitation to their home towns. Time-tables can be obtained at the University administrative office.

Financial aid and student assistantships are available to qualified students. Scholarships also are awarded periodically to students who are excel in their field annually.

Special arrangements with universities and colleges in the United States, Great Britain and Japan have made possible for our graduates to enter post-graduate studies abroad.

 School Spirit

The taller the rice plant grows, the lower it bends. We use the idea of gro wing rice as a metaphor for being humble and modest, concentrating on studies and professional techniques. The spirit of growing rice is exactly the spirit of TOKO University.

The founders of TOKO University, Dr. Anthony Si-An Chen adopted the sprirt of the metaphor to train and educate the achievers needed for the development of the nation, to build on Taiwan's competitive advantage throughout the world, and to achieve the final goal of the lifelong study.

 Educational Outlook

The rapid growth of technology, the emergence of information industry, and the fast pace of globalization process have made it necessary for every nation to engage in competitive innovation. Toko University has thus set up the following four major goals as part of its mission.

To educate students with the most advanced knowledge. Our courses are designed for students to be educated with the foremost and advanced knowledge in humanities, social sciences, and engineering.
To train students with solid technical skills. Students are expected to get hands on experience through our internship programs in corporation with major leading industries in Taiwan.
To equip students with fluency in foreign languages. As Taiwan is becoming an active member of international community, it is necessary for its citizens to be capable of communication in foreign languages. Students at our University are required to take foreign language courses to develop their language skill.
To foster higher business ethics. Students at Toko University are expected to foster higher business ethic so that they may not only capable of providing expertise to their chosen profession but also serve as good citizens for the nation. Competition with intergrity is the core value of our students.